Memorial Players from the Beginning

The Memorial Players began performing shows in 2002. As the story goes, three visionaries named Monty, David, and Fred who loved hearing and singing the great songs from modern musical theatre gathered in the undercroft of Memorial Episcopal Church to figure out how the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar could be incorporated into the Palm Sunday service.  With the blessings of the Rector, the Rev. Martha N. Macgill, and the help of many other talented individuals in the church, they ended up creating a polished production of the whole musical, and the congregation saw it, and it was good.  The joy and energy and spirit of community that the initial performance brought to Memorial Episcopal have increased year by year, as cast members and volunteers come together each spring in the church to create a musical. 

In the years since Jesus Christ Superstar, the Memorial Players have produced many more musicals and dramas ranging from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat to CATS! and Oliver!. In 2007, many more digital cameras appeared among the Memorial Players along with a brilliant master of web technology named Christopher, who collected all the digital photos and put together a website to display them. With considerable additional investment of time and effort, he subsequently built this entire website to provide a source not only for photos but also for real-time information and services for everyone interested in attending, supporting, and participating in Memorial Players productions.

Thanks go to Christopher and all the wonderful people who have given their time and talent, energy and support to making Memorial Players the large and constructive community for music, theatre, personal and spiritual growth and inspiration that it has become: Memorial's former Rector Martha N. Macgill; Parish Administrator Marilynn Cornejo-Wiseman; Memorial Players founders Monty Howard, Fred Sauter, and David Lloyd Warner; directors David Lloyd Warner, Cyndie Eberhardt, Monty Howard, Miriam Browning-Nance, Peggy Dorsey, Adele Russell, Jesse Milan, Jr. (also choreographer par excellence), Jimi Kinstle, Timoth David Copney, Darren McGregor, Rina Steinhauer, Bill Kamberger; music directors Douglas Forbes, Laura Virella, Bill Wisnom, Nick Fennig, Marty Coffman, Charlotte Evans, Dana Scott, and Tim Viets; the genius behind the set designs, John Seeley; creative wizards Louise Toby and David Storey who worked alongside John to design a 1,000-square foot modular stage for CATS! which Memorial Players has been able to continue to use; all the people who have contributed and assisted so generously with organizing and raising funds for the productions; many partners including Daryl Beard of Front Row Light and Sound, Cannon Lighting, Artisan Interiors in Woodberry for custom millwork and furniture, Belle Hardware, and Toby's Dinner Theatre which has supplied so many of the beautiful costumes for past productions; all the cast members through the years; dozens of musicians who have played in the orchestra; hundreds of volunteers behind the scenes; the audiences; the neighborhood; all the families and friends who have supported the productions; and the people of Memorial Episcopal Church for nurturing and backing and believing in the Memorial Players over the past 16 years.

Below is a list of all the Memorial Players musicals with links to pages and/or photo galleries for some of the shows:
        1.  (2002) Jesus Christ Superstar
        2.  (2003) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
        3.  (2004) Brigadoon
        4.  (2005) Fiddler on the Roof
        5.  (2006) The Music Man
        6.  (2007) CATS!
        7.  (2008) Mame 
        8.  (2009) The Sound of Music
        9.  (2010) Annie
        10. (2011) Godspell
        11. (2012) Oliver!, 12 Angry Jurors
        12. (2013) Meet Me In Saint Louis, Our Town
        13. (2014) Apple Tree, Arcadia
        14. (2015) The King and I, The Trial of Judas Iscariot
        15. (2016) Ragtime, Romulus
        16. (2017) The Secret Garden, A Christmas Carol


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