Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, adapted by Romulus Linney.
Presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.
Darren McGregor & Rina Steinhauer, Directors
Kristine Smets, Producer
John Seeley, Set Design
Performance Dates:
December 1-2 and 8-9 at 7:30 pm
December 3 and 10 at 3:30 pm
Doors open 30 minutes prior to the show.
Admission is free!
Memorial Episcopal Church, 1407 Bolton Street, Baltimore‚Äč

Into the Woods
Presented by special arrangement with Music Theater International
Music and Lyrics by STEPHEN SONDHEIM
Stephen Deininger, Director
Greg Satorie-Robinson, Vocal Director
Paul Seaton, Producer

Saturday November 4, 2017
Monday November 6, 2017

All Roles Open and Volunteer
Please prepare a song excerpt, 1-2 minutes long, preferably from a Broadway Show.
You will be asked to read from a director-selected scene and to do some basic movement.
Children over the age of 8 are welcome. A parent/guardian or responsible adult must accompany children under 13 at all rehearsals and performances. For that reason, we encourage parents to audition alongside their children to create a truly family opportunity.
Performances will be at 7:30 PM on April 20, 21, 27, 28, 2018
Matinees will be at 3:30 on April 22 and 29, 2018
Come to the Green Room at 1409 Bolton Street,
Baltimore, MD 21217 for Registration
For more information, visit memorialplayers.org or Facebook Memorial Players
Contact the Director, Stephen Deininger antoniusblock@gmail.com
Contact the Producer, Paul Seaton – seaton.p@gmail.com (410) 615-4532

Named Characters, and Ensemble (Adults and Children)
Ensemble Roles: Children and parents are invited to audition; meaningful ensemble roles are available for all.
Named Characters:
The Narrator
Male or Female, age 18-64, Vocal Range: G2-E4. A librarian who discovers a hidden book and eventually loses his/her self in the story.
The Witch Female, age 35-55, Vocal Range: F3-G5. After losing her mother’s magic beans, she is cursed with “ugliness”. She believes that reversing the curse will give her a good life with a child she has imprisoned in a tower. When she begins to realize that her wish may not bring her happiness, she experiences growth.
The Baker Male, age 25-45, Vocal Range: A Flat 2-G4. With abandonment issues, he can’t grasp the reality of being a man, a husband, or a father. As he begins to grow, he learns life is messy but no one is truly alone.
The Baker’s Wife Female, age 25-45, Vocal Range: F3-G5. She wants her life to be different. She can’t decide either if she wants children, or if she wants the glamorous life of the nobility.
Cinderella Female, age 16-30, Vocal Range: G3-G5. She wishes for a Prince to change her unhappy life, but when her Prince shows up she realizes it’s not what she had hoped for. What will she do now?
Cinderella’s Prince Male, age 20-40, Vocal Range: B2-F4. Seeking pleasure is his daily pursuit. Men want to be his friend, women want to be his lover. Life for him is deciding which maiden to seduce next.
Red Riding Hood Female, age 15-20, Vocal Range: B flat 3-F5. This little one must learn to be more cautious. Her carefree lifestyle comes in contact with dangers beyond her imagination.
Jack Male, age 15-25, Vocal Range: B2-G4. Unable to read social cues, he is alone and takes a cow for his best friend. It’s not until he trades the cow for magic beans that his adventures begin. His quest up a beanstalk teaches him lessons he never thought he would learn.
Jack’s Mother Female, age 35-60, Vocal Range: B flat 3-F5. A single mother with a clueless son who she wishes would grow up.
Rapunzel Female, age 15-30, Vocal Range: B3-A5. Trapped in a tower with only a crazy witch to talk to, Rapunzel, with almost no human contact, wishes to experience the outside world and the result is twins! So she is banished to a remote desert.
Rapunzel’s Prince Male, age 17-40, Vocal Range: C Sharp 3–E4. After having to live in his brother’s shadow for so long, this handsome young lad sets out to seek his own adventures. Upon falling in love with a dreamlike maiden, he is pierced with the realities of life. Will he pursue a family life or try to find happiness elsewhere?
Cinderella’s Step-Mother Female or Male, age 40-60, Vocal Range: A3-F Sharp 5.
She is evil; she wants nothing more than wealth and power.
Lucinda, Florinda (Step-Sisters) Females, age 16-40, Vocal Range: C4-A Flat 5.
They want a glamorous lifestyle and their mother uses them to try to achieve what she wants.
Mysterious Old Man Male, age 50-65, Vocal Range: G2-E Flat 4. He is plagued by guilt on the one hand, and is running from responsibilities on the other.
Cinderella’s Mother (Off Stage) Female, age 40-55, Vocal Range: G3-A Flat 5.
Her projection of reality is heavenly. She appears in times of trouble to guide her child and help fulfill her wishes.
Wolf Male, age 18-35, Vocal Range: B Flat 2-G Flat 4. This creature is always on the lookout for his next meal. He entices his victims with flowers and fun until they willingly succumb to his desires.
Ensemble Characters:
Steward, Granny, Milky White. Minor named roles, with actors drawn from the ensemble.

Memorial Players is an education and outreach program of Memorial Episcopal Church, a diverse community in historic Bolton Hill near downtown Baltimore.  As a community theatre we have been producing fully staged musicals and plays since 2002 and welcome everyone to participate in our productions. The productions depend on voluntary contributions of time, talent, materials and funds to cover all expenses.  
Dedicated to providing free community theater in Bolton Hill, Memorial Players productions depend entirely on voluntary contributions of time, talent, materials and donations to cover all expenses.

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